The Effects of a Desk Job.

I am lucky to work in the midst of Crossfitters, individuals undergoing intense strength and condition in order to improve health and fitness. One of the biggest ‘complaints’ I here is that people tighten up after a hard good workout. My first question back to them is, “What did you do immediately after the workout?”

Frequently the response is, I had a long meeting and was sitting in a chair until lunch. YIKES! Humans were not designed to sit. The butt is not a weight bearing surface. The bottoms of our feet were designed to sustain load and our hands are made tough to work in the fields. Today’s job market has asked our body to do things it was not designed to do. If you sit in a chair all day (even an ergonomically “good” designed chair) your hip flexors will get tight, your back will be rounded, your shoulders will be forward, your hamstrings will shorten and inevitably you will hurt by the end of the day.

Unless you have a really nice boss, don’t care to look weird while standing at your desk, or are one of the lucky ones out there that get to stand all day (don’t complain about this!), it is IMPERATIVE that you stand up every 15 minutes and get the blood flowing back to your glutes, stretch out the legs, correct your posture, and raise your arms above your head. This will help eliminate some of the aches and pains you feel from staring at a screen all hunched over for 8+ hours a day.

Undoing the days muscle tightness is important. If you do have to sit all day, be sure to stretch out at night. Lay flat on the floor and reverse those positions you were glued in the majority of the day. This is also important for students! Learning is hard work… but it is harder on the body! Stay as active as possible!

For anyone out there with hip problems check out a more in depth video and way to fix those tight hips here. Compliments of and PT, Kelley Starrett.