Activate your mid-line, save your spine!

Our butt is the all mighty and powerful source that needs to be active, ALWAYS. It is not designed to be sat on (check on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet… hard, tough skin made for working and bearing loads. Now feel the skin on your butt, soft, pliable… NOT FOR WEIGHT BEARING). Your glutes are suppose to be the strongest muscle in the body. However, I strongly believe people have forgotten how to use them properly. In this post about the core, it is all going to stem from activating the glutes to get into a good position. From there, you can tighten the rest of the “core” musculature to take the load off of your spine.

Try this: lay on your back. Now squeeze your glutes. You should feel a shift in your pelvis. Once you establish this neutral pelvis position, you can activate the rest of the core. Keeping the butt squeezed, take a deep breath. As you breath out, feel like you are tightening all around your spine. This is the core activation required in all positions of life. Lifting, pulling, pushing, jumping, and sitting all require some percentage of activation based on intensity and load. At rest, or sitting at your desk for 8+ hours a day, you should maintain at least 20% activation throughout the core. This will improve your posture and keep the load off of your ligaments and eventually bones and maintain your upright position with your muscles.

Many people miss this in standing, as well. Back hurt after standing for several hours? Try to focus on activating the glutes, keeping the pelvis in a neutral position and the muscles around your midsection tight.

Protect your spine, my friends! Keep your core tight, always!

Don’t be this guy….

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