We had the opportunity to hang out with Dr. Kelly Starrett, PT, DPT of and owner of San Francisco CrossFit/practicing PT in California on Saturday. Dr. Starrett is the mind behind learning how to mobilize and take care of your own tissues to heal and prevent injuries from occurring. The emphasis is put on several different aspects of human performance, but always comes back to can you move through full range of motion throughout your whole body, and if not, that you are not a normal, whole human being. I think at times we get in a mundane routine, even if it does not seem mundane, and focus on things that are quick and easy to address. Instead, we need to constantly be ‘communicating’ with every tissue in our body to make sure that every joint and fascial layer moves as designed. No matter what exercise regimen you may have, the emphasis HAS to be on complete range of motion through all joints and proper positioning of joints from core to extremity. If your spine is not protected, your shoulders and hips will not work like they are suppose to.

Your bodies pain signal should not be your cue to mobilize. If you are hurting, something has not been working properly for much longer and waiting to address it when it begins to hurt is too late.

Give yourself 15 minutes a day to address one or two areas of your body to improve motion, decrease stiffness, and improve function. Your joints will thank you 5, 10, 15 years from now.

Check out for videos addressing common problems from head to toe.