Laura Coker, PT, DPT


Growing up an active child, injuries began plaguing Laura as the competition levels rose in high school. She was forced to take time away from competition; however, was able to experience a profession that changed her mindset on injuries, prevention of injuries, and returning to sport post injury. Taking what she learned from being a patient in physical therapy, she had a new ambition: Change the lives of others by educating them on their dysfunctions, and helping the body learn to heal and recover. Laura completed her undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Austin and traveled south to San Antonio to complete her doctorate of physical therapy at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

Since opening her practice in 2013, Laura, along with her husband Chris, have had two boys. The stresses on the body of having a baby and lack of care postpartum have inspired Laura to reach out to women to help them gain knowledge of their bodies and what recovery/awareness should look like for women before, during, and after having a baby.

In her spare time, Laura loves to read, exercise, and spend time adventuring with her boys outside!

Licensure in Physical Therapy

Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

Our body is capable of healing itself, but it needs a little guidance. We are here to offer that guidance!

-Dr. Laura